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Tech Partner

Bau-Box is a near shore software development agency born in Yucatan, México in 2005.

We are a team of creative professionals working with international clients on projects ranging from mobile apps, websites, complete software solutions to Samsung Smart TV Apps.

Divided over two locations, our services also include consulting, concept development, graphic design and technical support.

Having worked on hundreds of projects over the years we are especially proud to be part of this great event that is the CDO Summit.

Integration Partner

SnapLogic is the industry’s first unified data and application integration platform as a service (iPaaS). Our hybrid cloud architecture is powered by 300+ Snaps, which are pre-built integration components that simplify and automate complex enterprise integration patterns and processes. Funded by leading venture investors, including Andreessen Horowitz and Ignition Partners, and co-founded by Gaurav Dhillon, the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud enables leading enterprises to connect faster and gain a better return on their cloud application and big data investments.

Based in Toronto, Canada, AllSight was founded with one purpose – to help organizations get more value out of their customer data. From its inception, our vision has remained constant: We help companies utilize modern technologies that consolidate and transform fragmented data into intelligent data to be consumed by business users. AllSight Customer Intelligence Management (CIM) is one part data management and one part analytics that satisfies the needs for the new era of Customer 360. AllSight CIM is a pre-built system that manages any source and type of customer data, synthesizes it into a real customer 360, and produces intelligent customer profiles complete with enrichments, insights, and actions. For more information, please visit

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